Screen frontline personnel regularly to prevent covid spread to patients and other staff.

Although proper PPE can prevent the spread, screening patients at visits allows for review of practices to ensure no transmission of asymptomatic patients to staff.

Eliminate the need to have staff or patients travel to 3rd party locations and experience lengthy waits by collecting samples right onsite.

Our Lab Partners utilize PCR swab tests with an accuracy of 99%. Our network receives preferred sample processing for express results delivery.

Instead of bogging down your practice with extra responsibilities, let eLabx handle the patient intake, results follow up and clear communication of results in a timely manner, while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

eLabx | COVID Testing


A few advantages of onsite collection:

  • Workplace Testing
  • Patient Screening
  • No Travel, reduced waiting time
  • Express and Accurate Results
  • Smooth workflow, clear communication
eLabx | COVID Testing


eLabx only works with accredited practices and utilizes trained staff for sample collection. We regularly visit collection sites to review adherence to security and sanitation policies. Our goal is to build and maintain efficient and safe work collaboration between health practices and our lab partners, all while maintaining the integrity of your company, patients and clients.

Labs operate under strictly controlled conditions utilizing the latest sequencing equipment and proprietary systems. Our lab partners are state licensed, CLIA Certified, accredited by CMS for participation in the Medicare Program, CAP (College of American Pathologists) Certified and are HIPAA compliant. Security of patient samples and patient privacy is paramount.

eLabx | COVID Testing

Get Your Test Results

Samples are processed by Quest Diagnostics.

  • To retrieve your results, either login or set up your patient portal with Quest.
  • It can take up to 72 hours, or longer for Quest to activate your portal, so to access your results in a short timeframe, it is recommended to register with Quest as early as possible.
  • Here is the link to Quest’s Patient Portal
  • If you set up your Quest Patient Portal, then once our results are posted, Quest will send you an email notification.
  • Although an official copy of your test results are only available via Quest’s patient portal, eLabx will send you an email with preliminary results once your test has been processed. Official results are generally available in your Quest patient portal within 72 hours of the preliminary notification.

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eLabx | COVID Testing